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West Embroidery Equipment fills the space in the market between buying new from an expensive manufacturer or used from a risky broker. You can guarantee that when you get a machine from us that it’s of the highest quality.

How Does It Work?


We buy the equipment, bring it to our factory, and then make a 12-point inspection.


Once we know the machine is perfect for you, we sell it with a warranty and offer training if needed.


We don’t broker or advertise machines that are not available.


All machines listed are in stock and available for inspection.

12-Point Inspection

All equipment on our site is in stock and available for inspection. We have a thorough process to ensure you get the best used equipment on the market.

  1. Inspect and repair light assembly

  2. Inspect and repair thread stand

  3. Upper tension tree inspection

  4. Head repair and inspection

  5. Disassemble pantograph and replace worn bushings and guide rails

  6. Inspect drop table assembly for proper working order

  7. Clean driver box and check fuses

  8. Update software to latest version

  9. Test machine by sewing design

  10. Clean machine thoroughly and lubricate

  11. Final review and make sure that the machine has all the necessary working parts

  12. Pack all machine accessories


90-Day Limited Warranty

We're committed to making sure that each machine we sell goes through a rigorous 12-Point Inspection and is completely refurbished to meet manufacturer's specifications by factory-trained technicians prior to shipment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

  • Each machine is ready to produce embroidery upon installation at your location

  • All of our machines that are sold to retail customers include a 90-Day limited warranty that covers parts and labor exclusive of normal wear and tear items

  • Our limited warranty includes mechanical parts, electronic parts, and electronic circuit boards


When purchasing a machine from West Embroidery Equipment we can provide you with proper training on how to operate and maintain your machine for your daily operations. Depending on the level of training that you require, we can provide training by one of our trained technicians, an independent instructor or the manufacturer.

Our Experience:

  • Associate Degree in Electronics

  • 15 years repairing embroidery equipment and accessories

  • Trained in Japan at Tajima, ZSK and Toyota facilities

  • 5 years at Tajima West as Head Technician

  • Factory trained on Happy Embroidery machines.

Services and Repairs

With over 15 years’ experience serving all of North America, we are here to serve your equipment needs!

  • Barudan

  • Brother

  • Happy

  • Meistergram

  • Melco

  • SWF

  • Tajima

  • Toyota

  • Ultramatic

  • ZSK



  • Capital Automation

  • Data Stitch

  • DGML

  • Proel




  • United States

  • Canada

  • Mexico



  • $69 per hour




Happy Customers!

"I recently purchased a Toyota machine along with the Datamaster Plus software from West Embroidery Equipment. Their customer service from the top down was excellent and provided us the dedication and follow through necessary to get the equipment and software running.”

—  Smiley Bear Design

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